Bugbee Insulation's blown-in cellulose and dense pack insulation provide affordable and energy-efficient ways to control heating costs in your attic.

Get Affordable Solutions to Cutting Your Energy Costs
Our products will help you maintain greater comfort in your home even while you lower your energy bills!

Cellulose Beats Out Fiberglass for Energy Efficiency
GreenFiber loose-fill insulation is safe, cost-effective, and easily installed. It forms a seamless blanket of protection by blocking two of the primary causes of energy loss: air infiltration and convection currents.

Better than loose-fill fiberglass, our product’s R-value, which is its ability to stop heat transfer, remains consistent throughout a great range of temperatures and applications. It will keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer!

Additional Benefits Make GreenFiber a Good Choice
An added benefit of GreenFiber insulation is the way it increases a wall’s fire resistance by anywhere from 22% to 57%. The product is non-toxic and guaranteed for the life of the house itself.

The fire retardants in GreenFiber allow the product to pass stringent ASTM C-739 fungal resistance tests, and the material also reduces noise. 

It is made from 85% recycled material, too!

Get the Right Product for Retrofitting Your Home
If your home was built before 1970, it may not have insulation in the wall cavities. We recommend that you use GreenFiber Blow-In Natural Fiber to fill your sidewall spaces, which are the second major area for energy loss in your home.

When we blow in loose cellulose insulation in existing homes, we drill small holes into your wall sheathing from the outside. In a 2″ by 6″ wall, you can expect to see an R-value of 19. 

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